How it works

Hashtag Instaprints lets your guests become the official photographers of your special event. They get to #capturethemoment, upload the photos to Instagram and tag the pictures with your unique hashtag. Then our Instagram Hashtag Printer does the rest.

Using specialised printers and software, our Instabooth ‘reads’ social media for your hashtag and automatically prints the photos on your custom-designed template. It’s that simple!

High-quality photos are printed in a matter of seconds – one copy is given to the guests and one is saved for you.

We provide a themed photobooth station with professional lighting for amazing looking photos, a display board to showcase the pictures taken, and of course the Instagram Printer. That’s not all. You have us there to manage the station for you for the duration of your event to help your guests with collecting their high-quality photos and answering any questions (including tech questions if someone can’t work their phone)!

Do you have guests that want to share in the fun but can’t attend the event in person? That’s ok! As long as they use your #hashtag, our state-of-the-art software will capture their moment and share it with you.  Imagine the possibilities of capturing event photos from around the world and sharing these moments with friends and family. 

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Hashtag Instaprints creates a fantastic incentive for your guests to snap away and create a branded keepsake of all of the treasured moments!

not just a photo booth…

Our events always are staffed by at least two team members. This allows us to to  provide a roaming smartphone photographer to ensure that all of the beautiful, candid and spontaneous moments are captured.

The photos taken by the roaming photographer are all tagged with your unique #hashtag so they can be printed and collected for you to keep. This means that you don’t need to worry about trying to get everyone’s photos sent to you after the event, or mess around with email and airdrop. As part of our professional service, we collate all the images, and give you digital and print copies so you can keep all your memories in one easy to access place.

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