Hashtag Insta Prints
Tired of standing in line for a photobooth?


So are we.


Why wait in line when everyone can be a photographer?

With a Hashtag Printer, your guests become your event photographers.  It’s the fun of a Polaroid mixed with Instagram.


It really is that simple!

Capture the surprise, laughs and the moments some may wish to forget, tag it with the event specific hashtag, and upload your photo to Instagram.  Leave the rest to us!  We print a copy of the photo for your guest and a copy for you.


No Instagram?  No Worries!

Our Instagram Printer isn’t limited to JUST Instagram.  It works with other social media networks, too.  And hey, if you forget to charge your phone and your battery doesn’t last, we’ve got you covered.  We always keep our phone handy and are more than happy to snap away.

3 Easy Steps