Isolation Hugs

Do you know someone who needs an isolation hug?

At a time when the world is socially distancing, we wanted to do something to help us all feel more connected.

Introducing the isolation hug!


Love in the time of social distancing

Just because we have to keep our distance, doesn’t mean we can’t still send love out into the world.

What’s an isolation hug?

Our isolation hugs are a way for you to brighten someone’s day by sending them four beautifully printed photos, each with their own personalised message. You can choose to have your photos printed on a blank canvas or use one of our bespoke artist templates. We’ll then hand deliver (where possible – and from a safe, sanitised distance!) or post your photos to your loved ones within two days of your order being placed.

Imagine their delight when they receive a collection of beautiful photos with heartfelt messages in the mail!

You get a hug. You get a hug! Everybody gets a hug!


Gosh we miss hugs right now! Hugs between friends. Hugs between grandparents and grandchildren. Even the friendly inter-office good morning wave to our colleagues. There’s just nothing like getting a big ol’ squeeze from someone you love (or at least really like!) in person.

Or is there…?

Well, no! BUT – we do have the next best thing!

Isolation hugs are a way you can send love in the mail so, while you can’t be there in person, four beautiful pictures of you (or your kids, pets, or favourite house plant!) can be.

Send love via isolation hugs now!

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