4 Photos With Custom Message


These minimalist templates are perfect for when you want to keep things simple. Write your own message our use one of ours

Message Suggestions

Sending you big love from the little people

An isolation hug, from us to you!

An isolation hug, from me to you!

If we had a roll of toilet paper for every time we thought of you, we’d be one of *those* people!

Can’t wait to hug you again!

Stay safe, sanitised, and sane!

Sending you all the healthy vibes

With love and soap suds!

You mean more to us than toilet paper!

:How do isolation hugs work?
Sending an isolation hug is easy.

Step 1
Choose four photos you’d like us to print on your behalf and upload them at the checkout.

Step 2
Tell us what messages you’d like to go with each photo. You can create your own personalised message or choose from some we’ve already created for you.

Step 3
Let us know who we’re sending your isolation hug to and where we’ll find them. We’ll do the rest!